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Our lush main campus is located approximately 40 km north of Bangkok

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We are fortunate to be based in a city that has a profusion of warmth, color, energy, and diversity, and is becoming a more prominent player on the regional and global scale. Bangkok is a magnet for food, culture, entrepreneurship, tourism, healthcare, and a Southeast Asian center for start-ups.



Dr. Roger Levermore, Dean


Mr. Tad Hatchaleelaha, DBA Candidate

Mr. Hatchaleelaha is Assistant Managing Director for a Thai-based company and leads innovation, research in collaboration with the Thai Ministry of Health Drug Control and Ministry of Commerce.


For me, who've spent most of my life in metropolitan cities like Seoul, Shanghai, or HK, it's a memorable experience to share the peaceful campus with wild birds and monitor lizards. At the same time, our Asoke campus is located in the heart of Bangkok. The campus building is modernized and convenient, easy to access anywhere in Bangkok and Bangkok's business environment. - Summer Seoyoung Jang, MBA

Ms. Monica Singh, DBA Candidate

Ms. Singh is a DBA candidate and serial entrepreneur, with companies spanning the personal health, textiles, and restaurant industries. The Asian Marketing Association named her top Young Female Marketer in 2019 as an indication of her significant contributions to the field.

Ms. Thidarat Yodying, DBA Candidate

Ms. Yodying is a DBA candidate in the School of Management and is co-CEO of a 1 Billion THB investment venture funded by the Agricultural Bank of Thailand.

Ms. Rojina Shrestha

Ms. Shrestha is an MBA candidate with previous experience in branding and events management. She's specializing in the area of marketing as it relates to entrepreneurship.


Student of Business Analytics and Digital Transformation (BADT), Ms. Pakamon Vongsanit, shared how AIT Internship Program had exceeded her expectations.

  • AIT-SOM Wednesday Guest Speaker Series 2022: Mr. Simon Shale
    Jan 26, 5:00 PM
    Online Event
    Simon joined Senior Plc as Chief Executive Officer of Senior Aerospace Thailand Ltd. on the 1st August 2016, and has called on his vast “C Suite” experience to use executive agility, efficiently, team focus skills and prompt decision making to lead a growing business.