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The Asian Institute of Technology School of Management offers one of the top ranking MBA programs in Thailand. The comprehensive program is designed to provide conceptual, analytical and personal skills to help prepare participants to be effective managers in an international business environment. It is interdisciplinary, combining elements from engineering, economics, social psychology, and management fields.

Our MBA program encourages participatory learning and uses a variety of interactive learning methodologies so that the students are able to learn latest management concepts, techniques, and tools, and more importantly, to develop skills and attitude of listening and understanding others, holistic thinking, collective decision making, communicating and negotiating.


School of Management students are members of and  have access to a unique, and richly diverse international community that enables our students to learn from cross-cultural and multiple disciplinary faculty. They study, live, and work alongside students from across Asia and around the world. The level of teamwork and collaboration  fostered in this type of community prepares them to take these skill sets with them, as they join the extensive Asian Institute of Technology global alumni network.

Program Goals
  • To develop strategic managers with global perspectives who can ensure organizational competitiveness and growth in a dynamic technological and business environment;

  • To equip students to learn and thrive in a multinational and multicultural environment;

  • To foster students’ understanding of and ability to apply contemporary management techniques;

  • To promote relevant competencies in identifying, understanding, analyzing and effectively solving the management challenges and problems in both public and private organizations;

  • To provide introduce  various multicultural management systems and experiences, through our access to strong international network across Europe, America and, Asia;

Program Structure

An MBA study is expected to take a minimum of 36 credits (1 year MBA) or up to  48 credits (2 year MBA).  The Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is designed to equip students with effective, practical tools to tackle complex, real-life business challenges.

Program Curriculum

The MBA Curriculum is a comprehensive general management program designed to provide conceptual, analytical and soft-skills to help prepare participants to be effective managers in an international business environment.

Required Courses
  • ACCOUNTING FOR DECISION-MAKING: This course aims to provide knowledge in financial accounting, cost accounting and tax accounting.  It aims to develop accounting skills so that students are able to make decisions consistent with accounting practices and policy in business organisations.

  • BUSINESS ANALYTICS FOR MANAGEMENT DECISIONS: This course is designed to introduce management students from a variety of backgrounds to the fundamental tools of data analytics and decision science.

  • ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND NEW VENTURES: The objective of this course is to provide an understanding of the interrelationships between the management of new ventures and entrepreneurship in an innovation-driven and knowledge-based economic development.

  • CORPORATE FINANCE: The purpose of this course is to provide students thorough knowledge in financial management and financial decision tools.  The course aims to provide understanding in corporate finance for both practical and theoretical aspects and an opportunity to utilize valuation techniques in investment banking transactions.

  • LEADERSHIP AND ORGANISATION MANAGEMENT: This course provides the knowledge base on how organisation is developed and changed over time to cope with changing environment; how organisations improve their performance and leadership for business sustainability in various business sectors. It emphasises the role of leadership and leadership development in organisation management.  The course also aims to develop the learners’ ability to develop effective leadership and management skills for their organisations.

  • MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS:This course focuses on the evolution and functioning of markets using theories of economics, behavioural science and sociology and enables students to understand the behaviours of real markets.

  • MANAGING TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION: The objective of this course is to provide participants with knowledge and tools to understand, anticipate, acquire and use technology for attaining competitiveness at the marketplace.

  • MARKETING MANAGEMENT: This course aims to provide knowledge in marketing concepts from a managerial perspective.

  • OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT: The course provides students with theories and practices in planning and managing the operations part of an organisation. In the course, students will be able to develop managerial skills in planning business operations covering both long and short term planning, such as capacity plan and production resource scheduling respectively.

  • STRATEGY AND CORPORATE SUSTAINABILITY: This course is designed to help managers, management consultants, or investment bankers gain an understanding of the theory and practice in the field of strategic management. The course will focus on three main areas: (a) strategic analysis, (b) strategy formulation; and (c) strategy implementation.

Elective Courses

Students can choose between 6-12  elective credits (depending on the program plan).

Research Study

The MBA project or research thesis focuses on managerial planning, decision-making and problem solving in organizational contexts

Entry Requirements
  • Hold a Bachelor degree* or its equivalent with minimum 2.75 GPA out of 4.

  • Preference given to the applicants with 2+ years full-time working Experience.

  • English proficiency*: IELTS 6; TOEFL CBT 213; TOEFL IBT 80; if English is not your native language.

  • GMAT or GRE score is recommended.

* Those with IELTS 5 or 5.5 (or equivalent) can also be admitted and they will be expected to take additional English language classes during the  program.

Dual Degrees & Exchange Programs

SOM students have the opportunity to take part in an exchange or dual-degree programmes with one of our over 50 partner universities in Europe and the World.

The aim of the exchange programmes is to immerse students into another culture for one or two semesters and to expose them to different learning approaches. Students can earn full credit for their semester(s) abroad.

Dual Degree Partners
Exchange Partners

After successfully completing first year students may apply to exchange program to one of the following exchange partners(including dual-degree partners).

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