Asian Institute of Technology Facts & Figures

Mission: “to develop highly qualified and committed professionals who play leading roles in the region’s sustainable development and its integration into the global economy.”​

The Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) is a leading international institute of higher learning in Thailand promoting technological change and sustainable development in the Asian-Pacific region through higher education, research and outreach. Established in Bangkok in 1959, AIT as a university has become a leading regional postgraduate institution and is actively working with public and private sector partners throughout the region and with some of the top universities in the world.


The Asian Institute of Technology is host to several international and non-governmental organizations including the Asia-Pacific headquarters of Télécoms Sans Frontières, the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Environment Assessment for Regional Resource Center in Asia and the Pacific (UNEP RRCAP), and the Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System for Africa and Asia (RIMES).


Ambassadors from across 13 Asia, European, and North American countries serve as members of our Board of Trustees. 


AIT is associated with several Erasmus Mundus academic cooperation programmes offered by the European Union.


AIT collaborated with Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus to create a Yunus Center at AIT, with an objective "to contribute to poverty alleviation by enabling rural people to handle and be in control of improving their own livelihoods.. The center was launched on 8 September 2009. Likewise, AIT hosts the Ostrom Center for Advanced Studies on Natural Resource Governance (OCeAN).



  • 1700+ Students from 60+ Countries/Territories

  • 19800+ Alumni from 90+ Countries/Territories

  • 29000+ Short-term Trainees from 70+ Countries/Territories

  • 75 Internationally recruited Faculty from 20+ Countries

  • 101 Adjunct and  Visiting Faculty

  • 500+ Research and Support Staff from 30+ Countries

  • Approximately 450 Sponsored Research Projects worth 1.6 Billion Thai Baht (THB)

  • 300+ Partners

  • 33 Board of Trustee members from 19 Countries

  • 3 Schools

  • 1000+ courses offered

  • 24 Research and Outreach Centers

  • Operational Turnover: 1.2 Billion ThaiBaht (THB)


AIT Offers

  • Masters degrees: MBA, MEng, MSc

  • Executive Master Degree Programs

  • Doctoral Degrees: DEng, DTechSc, PhD

  • Diploma and Certificate Programs

  • An intensive English language and academic Bridging Program

  • Non-degree continuing education courses for practicing professionals