Message from Dean


The Asian Institute of Technology’s School of Management takes pride in our outstanding faculty members, staffs, alumni and students who have continuously supported and guided us through the challenges of today’s very complex business world.
Our vision is to be one of the finest global management schools and a leader in the Asia-Pacific region. By calling ourselves the School of “Management”, we intend to instill useful skills, leadership, responsibility, and high ethics in our students. SOM also has the strong intention and mandate to support the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and other non-profit organizations.
Our mission is to make a difference in the quality of management education and practices in the Asia-Pacific region leading to superior thinking and living for sustainable development, wealth creation and pride through technological leadership and entrepreneurial spirit. We are different from other management schools in our teaching and participative learning approach based mainly on our international groups of students and faculty members, and incorporated with advice from our School Board members who know the demand of the job markets.
SOM is entering its 28th year, being amongst the top international management schools in Thailand. After its establishment in 1987, SOM currently has had more than 250 students. Starting from few programs, SOM now has MBA and Executive MBA programs in several locations including Bangkok and Vietnam.
Our 27 years of proud history has created for us a network of 4000 alumni in over 50 countries. At the same time, SOM has developed an extensive network of strategic partnerships around the world with leading European and Asian business schools. Every year our MBA students participate in the exchange program and dual-degree programs.
As a result, our students have high potential in their job search as well as personal development and growth in a unique international environment.
I am proud to extend a warm welcome to you to share in our proud legacy of being a leading management school and to participate in our unique learning environment. I am aware that management education is at a very challenging moment of time and I am pleased to invite you to be a part of us to take on the challenges lying ahead.

Prof. Lawrence S Abeln
PhD (Cambridge)
Dean, School of Management